Pipeline Emergency

A pipeline emergency exists whenever the failure of a pipeline allows the escape of a liquid or gas, which may endanger the public or public property. In the event of a pipeline emergency:

1. The Responsible Pipeline Company Will:
a) Detect and locate the pipeline leaks and identify the escaping gas or liquid.
b) Advise the appropriate public authorities and other concerned parties of the emergency.
c) Take action to control the escape of the liquid or gas.
d) Assist public authorities to safeguard the public and property.
e) Clean up the damaged area and restore to its original state.

2. The Emergency Services Will:
a) Utilize the Area 6 call out procedure to inform a pipeline company of any information received regarding a pipeline failure.
b) Safeguard the public and evacuate people as necessary.
c) Use available facilities to clear an area of a hazardous condition in co-ordination with the pipeline company.
d) Return people when evacuated area is safe.
e) When not directly involved, provide assistance to other authorities in adjacent areas as may be necessary to safeguard the public.